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When you become a client of Best Solution Mortgages, we have a duty of care to ensure that the debt is protected no matter what the future holds. We will design a bespoke protection portfolio for you after a full advice process has taken place.

of UK mortgaged households have no life cover at all

* source Scottish Widows

Example free and paid for benefits* with Modern life and illness policies starting at £5 per month

  • Free Private telephone GP services and private prescriptions (prescriptions are paid for)
  • Free 2nd opinion from Global Doctors on existing or new medical conditions.
  • Free Apple Watch*
  • Free weekly Starbucks coffee, cinema tickets and up to 50% off BA flights and Eurostar*
  • Add on services from £4 PM
  • Global treatment – fly out to a global specialist should your UK doctor be unable to find a solution
  • Free Bupa family 24 hour helpline Fracture cover – up to £6000 for broken bones and torn ligaments Free legal helplines, face to face or telephone counselling for work or emotional stress

*with Vitality – qualifying health and fitness levels must be maintained and recorded

According to Insurer LV
these are the risks a 35 year old non smoker male faces

16% risk of suffering a serious illness. Shocked ?


Results in ‘real terms’

For every 100 individuals like you, 16 will suffer a serious illness according to population and industry statistics

How would you cope financially?

As well as dealing with the emotional upheaval of a serious illness, how would you cope financially if you/your partner fell seriously ill? Even if returning to work is an option after treatment and rest, you’ll need financial support to help you get back on your feet and adapt to life ahead without the financial worry. Selling your home at this time would not be a good option.

Your back-up plan

A little peace of mind goes a long way when you’re dealing with a diagnosis and treatment plan. The road ahead may be uncertain, but putting some financial protection in place will make getting to appointments, recuperating in your own time and dealing with everyday bills easier. And it eases life for your partner too, knowing that your finances are sorted,

Critical illness cover provides a one-off lump sum payment on diagnosis of one of a number of defined illnesses covered by the policy you choose.
Find out what life may have in store for you.

32% The risk of being unable to work for 2 months or more. Shocked ?

For every 100 individuals like you, 31 will suffer from a condition that stops them from working for two months or more before their chosen retirement age, according to

How would you cope financially?

The average individual income protection claim is paid for more than 4 years (214 weeks)* which could mean you’re out of pocket for a significant time with no income to rely on. And even if you are eligible for state benefits, it’s very unlikely to cover all your weekly bills and living expenses. Could you afford your mortgage and bills for 4 years if your employer stopped paying and you were relying on £91 a week from the state?

Your back-up plan

If you’re unable to work due to accident or sickness, making sure you continue to receive a regular monthly income is essential if you want to maintain your mortgage payments and lifestyle with as little disruption as possible.
Find out what life may have in store for you.


5% risk of death. Shocked ?


Results in ‘real terms’

For every 100 individuals like you, 5 will die before their chosen retirement age according to population and industry statistics.

How would you cope financially?

It’s never easy to think about what would happen if you, or your partner, were to die early. But thinking about how your partner and/or your dependants would cope financially and pay the bills without your regular income brings life sharply into focus.

Your back-up plan

Life insurance is really important if you have dependants who rely on you financially. So, would a one-off larger pot of money most help those you leave behind? Or maybe a combination of a one-off smaller pot and a regular income? Whichever you choose, you’ll have the peace of mind that if tragedy did strike, your dependants would be more comfortable financially.
Find out what life may have in store for you.

38% likelihood of any of the above happening. Shocked?

Results in ‘real terms’

For every 100 individuals like you, 38% will suffer one of the following:

  • a condition that stops you from working for two months or more
  • a serious illness
  • death

before you reach retirement age, according to population and industry statistics.

How would you cope financially?

It’s never easy to think about what would happen if something happened to you (and/or your partner), but consider for a moment how your family would cope without the income they currently depend on?

Your back-up plan

Income protection, critical illness cover and life insurance should all be considered to provide either an income or a lump sum if tragedy did strike, helping to make sure your dependants would be looked after. Talk to us today for an affordable solution.Find out what life may have in store for you.


This is the real world

Bad things happen. Be prepared, protect your family and your biggest asset you.

The state may help a bit but not enough and not for long

Is protection is expensive?

Just compare the cost of cover with a few monthly treats.You’ll soon see that protection is actually really good value. And you can’t say that about many things these days. You may be pleasantly surprised how little you need to pay to put some cover in place.

What do you get for around

£10 a month

4 large lattes
or £100,000 of Life cover
£20 a month?

£20 a month

A large takeaway pizza and two sides
or £1,000 of monthly Income Protection
£25 a month?


Cinema for 2 with popcorn
or £75,000 of Combined Life & Critical
Illness cover


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